Exercise, Bike Riding and Prostate Health

ATTENTION: Bike Riding Can Be A Serious Prostate Cancer Fighter Without Being a Pain In The Butt

Being a prostate cancer survivor I wanted to know all about my condition since knowledge is one of the best ways fight re occurrence.

The next best defense is exercise and diet.

However, taking it one step further some of us survivors became incontinent from surgery and radiation.

I was one of those individuals.

Being an avid bike rider and riding on a traditional bike saddle not only put pressure and aggravated the area where the prostate was but also pressed on the AMS artificial sphincter I had put in to eliminate my incontinence which releasing causing wetness on the bike ride.

Cycling Not Just a Sport but A Way to Control Prostate Cancer Re Occurence

Make it a Comfortable Ride. Remove the Pressure

Most Comfortable Bike Saddle Riding on a traditional bike saddle can aggravate the prostate if you still have one or the area of the prostate thus causing other health problems in men.

The design of the standard bicycle seat can rub against the area of the prostate during the pedaling process. If you still have your prostate it can lead to other conditions involving the prostate. If your prostate was removed during surgery then it can rub the area where the prostate was thus causing other irritation. These irritation from bicycling combined with the aging process can lead to discomfort that can be moderate to severe.

Running was a way to stay in shape and keep slim but after the impact of prostate cancer and surgery I decided to take up a lower impact type sport that of bicycling.s

Riding a bicycle can be a productive cardiovascular exercise for those who what to get or stay in shape. Bicycling can be one of those beautiful low impact sports to do just that.

A recent study has shown that belly fat does in fact increase the risk for prostate cancer. Too many soft spots around the waist showed very negative health results in a recent study with several male patients.

You want to lose belly fat as this is a place where those little devil (cancer cells) love to hibernate in just waiting for the chance to let loose. Belly fat does not only store energy but also influences the production of substances which aid the development of chronic diseases.

The British Journal of Cancer suggests that getting on your bike can reduce the likelihood of getting prostate cancer. Men who walked or cycled for an hour a day had a 14 percent lower risk than those who walked or cycled for 20 to 40 minutes a day.

And men who walked or cycled for longer, reduced their risk by 7 percent for every extra half an hour they exercised up to a maximum of two hours.

The same goes for men who have prostate cancer and want to control or slow up the chances of re occurrence.

Bicycling may be a great cardiovascular exercise however, riding your bicycle several times a week will help in re occurrence but can also cause some pain when you sit on your bike or shortly after you get off.

As we get older those condition can worsen. Your prostate has a tendency to get larger as you get older or if you had surgery the perineal area tends to become more sensitive and can lead to other irritation.

While there are some conditions associated with bicycling and the prostate, one of them is not, let me say that again is not prostate cancer. Prostitutes, or chronic irritation of the prostate, can be painful and uncomfortable, but no medical evidence links uncomfortable bicycle seats with prostate cancer.

Once you have prostate issues, you can take time off from bicycling to relieve the pressure.

However, when you want to get back on the bicycle, you will want to consider changing your bike saddle with one that is shaped to protect and eliminate pressure against your prostate and perineal area.

Instead of the hard, plastic or vinyl triangular seat that is standard on most bicycles, you have options to select from and pick a seat that does not have a triangular piece that puts pressure on the prostate or perineal areas.

In testing many of these bike seat, some shaped like a doughnut and some with no nose at all it was determined that they become very uncomfortable on bike rides as they are intended to eliminate the pressure on the prostate and perineal area.

The one bike saddle that was found to be one of the best saddles in eliminating any pressure on the prostate and perineal area was designed by the ISM Adamo people. This seat is considered a no nose saddle and has been tested by noted German urologist Dr. Frank Sommer at University of Hamburg. Dr. Sommer was pleased with his results of the design and achievements of the saddles designers. Dr. Sommer stated, “A saddle where there is hardly any blood loss and is excellent to prevent problems in the perineal area.

Not only is this one of the healthiest seats to ride on but it has been designed as one of the most comfortable seats to ride on.

To research more and to discover this unique and comfortable seat you can go to www.urocareindia.com  and discover for yourself one of the most comfortable and pain free bike seats ever designed for continued male prostate health.

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